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I have a few related blogs...

As Pygar I write two blogs.

A Kind Dom is a look at contradictions, morality, relationships, feelings, society, love, respect, trust, freedom, need and control as part of developing a new D/s ethic.

Uncle Agony is the companion blog. It is a place to air serious questions and problems related to domination and submission - and to offer help and support.

As Beau - a hopeful romantic - I used to write a more salacious, light hearted blog with a BDSM theme. I rarely post on it now but you can find it here.

I also used to write a blog called Dragonfly Geisha with the delightful Dragonfly. That was an erotically themed BDSM blog containing our imaginative writings. Sadly it is no longer there but I have some plans to perhaps publish it in a different format one day...

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